MMM for H&M? Go to Lille, France!

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Aproximately 25 people in front of us when we arrive at 9:25h. Not bad at all :)

Good Friday!

We guessed in France there would be a smaller line for the Martin Margiela collection (after all a Belgian guy) compared to Belgium, and we where right!  Everything went very smooth and there was absolutely no chaos (unlike Marni…)

We gokten erop dat er in Frankrijk minder opkomst zou zijn voor de Martin Margiela collectie (toch een Belg)  dan in België.  En we kregen absoluut gelijk, alles verliep zeer vlot en er was van chaos geen spoor (in tegestelling tot Marni…)

It was fun!

Croissants & Coffee to keep us warm!

Love the shoes

Doors opened at 10:00, we got in at 10:15

15 min. per person, payment included,unlimited items.

Extremely friendly and helpfull staff!

Patisserie Meert : best place for a quick and superb lunch.
Lobster salad (22€) and a glass of great vin rouge ‘Domaine de la Janasse 2009′.

Lunch @ Patisserie Meert

Lunch @ Patisserie Meert

Patisserie Meert

Any questions?  Please ask!



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